Powder Coat Supervisor - 2nd Shift

Responsible for supervision of the 2nd Shift Paint Line operations. This position is also responsible for directing production associates with continuous improvements in cost containment and throughput times while maintaining optimum Quality & Safety
Primary Responsibilities
Supervise all aspects of the day to day assembly process including production scheduling, efficiencies, product quality, and associated Paint line personnel.
Must possess leadership qualities that support effective communication with everyone in the operation.
Responsible to ensure that the entire Paint Line force is properly motivated while creating a positive work environment.
Ultimately responsible for all departmental personnel issues ( interviewing, hiring, discipline, training, directing, monitoring, absenteeism, conflict resolution, performance appraisals, ect. ) for all individuals in the production environment.
Responsible for creating and implementing objectives for scheduled completions, cost control and quality standards. Responsible for updating management of production status on a regular basis.
Responsible for continuous improvement and maintaining 5S.

Additional Responsibilities
Must promote safety and environmental health at all times
Will have other tasks as assigned by upper management

Knowledge and Skill Requirements
Strong working knowledge of manufacturing management, manufacturing methods, inspection standards, equipment, tools, facilities, and computer skills, Powder Coat experience is a plus.
Working Conditions
Working conditions are normal for a manufacturing environment. Work involves frequent lifting of materials and product up to 50 pounds. Machinery operation requires the use of safety equipment to include but not limited to; eye safety glasses, hearing protectors, work boots, and hardhats. Loose fitting clothes and jewelry are not permitted.

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